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Use Cases

Whether you use it to search the file share or intranet, in knowledge management processes, or in creating a well-functioning digital workplace, enterprise search and document intelligence have many aspects and the requirements in this area are multifaceted. Take a look at the most common use cases and discover the best options for your company.
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Enterprise Search

What has become an unmanageable volume of data, sometimes stored in very different locations, often makes it difficult for company employees to find the information relevant to them. That is exactly where enterprise search comes in – with a company-wide search platform, employees can find data and documents more quickly, allowing them to work more efficiently.
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Document Intelligence

The digital mountain of documents just keeps growing and growing – and it is becoming increasingly time-consuming and tedious to process contracts, invoices, presentations, and e-mails. With our approach to document intelligence we help companies process documents more quickly and gain valuable insights – at lightning speed.
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File Share and Intranet Search

The ability to find information efficiently is crucial for a well-functioning digital workplace and efficient knowledge management. Find out what you should keep in mind for file share or intranet searches and how you can extract benefits for you and your employees.
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Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power – that’s been the case for hundreds of years now and is even more true today. How can enterprise search help knowledge workers draw relevant insights from existing company data quickly and efficiently in this age of information overload?
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Digital Workplace

Achieving a “digital workplace” has become an all-too-common objective, but many companies are trailing behind in their implementation of it. Find out how a well-functioning insight engine can help achieve rapid success in digitization.
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Website Search

You click in the search field, enter a product name, and get a matching result. At least that’s what most website visitors expect when they use a website search field. The reality is, however, that many websites still leave visitors frustrated. This is where a good search solution is more than useful, especially when a website has a lot of content or product information.
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Other Use Cases

Our products and solutions cover many different use cases – we’ve implemented many useful iterations over more than 20 years, from GDPR searching and analysis of IoT data to routing of incoming e-mails in customer service. Have a specific use case in mind? Want to know if we have already developed a solution for this application in one of our customer projects? Contact us – we'll be happy to answer your questions.
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