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Enterprise Search: Central Access to Important Information

Presentations, reports, product information, e-mails – every day companies create, store, send, and archive a large volume of data. The speed at which the data pools are growing is continuously increasing.

The huge volume of data, not to mention the different storage locations, often makes it difficult for employees to find the information relevant to them. That is exactly where enterprise search comes in – with a professional enterprise search engine, employees can find information and documents more quickly, allowing them to work more efficiently.
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From a Search Query to an Informed Decision – with Enterprise Search

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How does Enterprise Search work?

First, all files and documents from the data sources to be searched are indexed. When a user enters a search term, this index will be searched for matching results, and the results are then provided in a hit list. The hit list is sorted based on different customizable criteria. User access rights are already stored during the indexing process (early binding) and automatically taken into account any time information is searched for on the user interface. Secure search is the central paradigm of our iFinder solution.

Enterprise search software can search a wide range of systems and applications, such as e-mail systems, wikis, or company drives, and can handle various file formats, like Excel, PDF, e-mails, scanned documents, and audio or video files.

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Our Approach: Combining Enterprise Search with generative AI

Our iFinder product combines enterprise search, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced linguistics to create a central access point for users to structured and unstructured data within the company. The software also makes it possible to analyze content based on different criteria, such as personal data.

In addition, iFinder integrates generative AI, such as Large Language Models (LLMs). By combining search functions and large language models, organisations can make the most of their data potential, improve knowledge search efficiency and increase productivity.

Smart filters also allow users to run all kinds of ad-hoc analyses, either as a conventional hit list or using flexible dashboards.

Benefits of an Enterprise Search Solution: Better Decisions

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Save valuable working time – say goodbye to wasting hours searching for important documents.

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Increase efficiency – go from searching to processing in one step by opening documents directly from the hit list.

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Reduce error rates – avoid mistakes and never overlook important information again.

These companies trust in Enterprise Search made by IntraFind

“We are particularly excited about the linguistic functions iFinder offers. During the search we get to see all relevant results and so no longer overlook anything.”

Danijel Slankovic

Team Leader IT Operations at the Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development (EWDE, Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung)
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„As engine manufacturer, we are obliged to keep documents for a long time. If necessary, the access to information can be critical. The new solution provides fast, easy and reliable the desired hits – the result: saving valuable time and satisfied users thanks to IntraFind.“

Uwe Urra

Head of Product Documentation, Technical Information & Central Archives, MTU Aero Engines AG
"It's hard to imagine our organization without iFinder. Colleagues all over Germany and in offices abroad appreciate the search software as an efficient helper in the flood of data and documents."

Haki AK

Head of IT Networks, Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.
Deutsche Kriegsgräberstätte in Costermano/Italien

Access Knowledge from All Data Silos – with Our Connectors

iFinder has an extensive range of complete connectors for linking up your data sources to the central search application. In countless projects, there is not a single data source that we haven’t connected! What’s more, we support federated search and the OpenSearch standard. And using our API, you yourself can even integrate an individual data source from your company in the search.

More Information about Enterprise Search

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iFinder: Enterprise Search made easy

iFinder can be connected to all of the data sources within your company. Are your data pools constantly growing?

With iFinder you are well equipped for the future: our product is based on Elasticsearch technology and can therefore adapt to any volume of data with ease.

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