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Most companies find themselves regularly facing a digital mountain of documents – from contracts, invoices, and quotations to reports, presentations, and e-mails. Processing these documents is often a manual headache that costs money, wastes time, is prone to errors, and is inconsistent. Even worse, it prevents companies from using these documents to make better decisions and find potential areas of optimization in different departments.
Document Intelligence in Practice

Analyze Documents More Quickly, Gain Valuable Insights – with Document Intelligence

We develop software that helps you and your company analyze documents, contracts, and information in a fast, results-oriented way.
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Analyze Documents Intelligently with AI

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing combined with enterprise search allows us to go a step further in the search for information and not just search systems and applications, but also break down the documents in these environments into the relevant core information they contain.

We have equipped our software with state-of-the-art learning processes. These algorithms learn based on your requirements, so you can train our software exactly for your own specific purposes and achieve your objectives even more quickly.


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iFinder: Document Intelligence Meets Enterprise Search

Is searching in metadata by title and author, for example, no longer sufficient for your needs? With our iFinder solution you get access to the complete content of all of your data in full text. Using powerful AI methods, the software compiles data and recognizes context and connections, so you have all information within reach in an intelligent, efficient way.

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Our Product for Attorneys in Law Firms and Legal Departments

Contract Analyzer is our powerful legal tech software for contract and document analysis.

Whether you are looking for insights into employment contracts, rental agreements, or leases, Contract Analyzer is the intelligent reading aid for lawyers that saves an enormous amount of time. It is already pre-trained for many standard AI-based analyses and is extremely easy to train further. We optimized the learning methods for small data, since customers usually only have a small amount of AI training data available. 

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Benefits of a Document Intelligence Solution

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Save valuable working time – say goodbye to wasting hours searching for important information in different files.

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Work more efficiently – gain the right insights from your data and use these for your company.

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Discover potential – identify risks, reduce errors, and discover the hidden potential in your documents.

More Information about Document Intelligence

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AI accelerates and optimizes business processes

IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl shows by means of practical examples how companies and authorities can benefit from the use of AI-based search and analysis tools.
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Artificial intelligence augments human intelligence

Augmentation means to increase, strengthen, expand and previously the term was known rather from the medical field. But augmentation is also an important factor in the field of software. Because software can support people and optimize their performance. A classic example is the enterprise search and analysis software of IntraFind, which uses artificial intelligence.
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Transfer learning - rapid success with little data

Transfer learning is an important trend in the field of AI. Breno Faria, AI expert at IntraFind, explains why this method becomes more and more important when working with text data.
Product Spotlight

Contract Analyzer

Employment contracts, rental agreements or other legal documents - the Contract Analyzer is the intelligent reading aid for lawyers. It extracts all relevant clauses from contracts in seconds. Quickly review large quantities of contracts, work directly in the application and extract important information and analyses for yourself and your team - completely paperless.

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