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AI-based & Intelligent Search for the Police

Digitization has fundamentally changed many aspects of modern society - this also presents law enforcement organizations with enormous challenges. One of these is the enormous mountains of data and documents that continue to grow every day. At the same time however, data protection must be maintained when working with most of this information.

Our enterprise search solution iFinder expands the toolbox in the digital space as an effective command and control tool. The AI-based search and analysis software supports the processing of extensive amounts of data in many areas and aspects of daily police work.
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Ending Data Silos: Research, Connect and Analyze Information Across the Board

Compliance with strict security requirements and data protection are part of the DNA of iFinder - the new digital colleague in the team. The user interface is easy to use, even for complex analyses. iFinder presents relevant information in a short time, cross-links it intelligently and thus becomes an effective operational tool for successful police work in the digital space.

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In which scenarios does iFinder become an effective operational tool?

  • Intelligently search, find and analyze information from large amounts of data
  • Create knowledge across data sources by connecting and integrating disparate sources such as case and incident management systems, telecommunication surveillance data, media and cloud storage, email systems, social media, Internet, Deep Web, Dark Web, and more
  • Linking information to identify relationships across multiple data sources
  • Cold case data analysis
  • Intranet search

These Police Agencies Rely on IntraFind for Enterprise Search and Document Intelligence

The Most Important iFinder Features


Finding information in (un)structured data

  • A particular strength of iFinder is the extraction from structured and especially from unstructured datasets. In this way, all police information systems for tracing, case processing and research can be seamlessly connected and integrated.
  • iFinder identifies and extracts key terms from the standard entities, such as personal names, GIS coordinates, locations, IP addresses, IMEI data, Bitcoin strings, and much more, and can link them directly to findings in Systems for tracing, transaction and case processing, and search systems, provided that data access is enabled.
  • Configurable filters allow you to quickly narrow down the hit list - especially helpful when searching in large amounts of data.

The search engine that understands the user

The high-quality linguistics function of the iFinder software provides complete and relevant hit lists when searching.

  • Singular and plural forms of the search term are taken into account
  • Inflected forms or compound words and also synonyms are recognized
  • Proper names and units are recognized and, if desired, also converted
  • Language recognition even in multilingual environments(e.g. evaluation of content such as chat histories in unknown languages )

For more than 30 languages iFinder provides this high-quality linguistic preprocessing.

What Information Technology Features Does iFinder Offer?

Aufnahme Andocken eines Shuttles im Weltall

Future-oriented scalability and open architecture for interfaces

The more than 80 connectors for connecting a wide variety of data sources and the ability to process more than 600 different document formats characterize iFinder as a comprehensive analysis platform based on an established standard product. 

With NetApp's unique certified interface for high-performance searches in NetApp Fileshares, virtually infinite amounts of data with billions of objects can be processed in real time.

The search input field of iFinder can be integrated into existing police information and processing systems and configured to suit the user.

Tastatur mit Dokument- und Sicherheitssymbolen

Flexible configuration of access permissions

The rights and roles concept of iFinder offers administrators precise definitions of access rights for particularly sensitive data:

  • Simple access control through search profiles & multi-client capability
    Administrators can use so-called search profiles to highlight priority search results in the displays. Such structures can be set up individually for users/user groups.
  • Fine-grained assignment of rights and roles
    Content with high security requirements is restricted to authorized users only. This is already taken into account in the auto-completion of the typed search term and filter options.
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iFinder administrators are happy about

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Comprehensive logging of all activities (audit log), System monitoring dashboards and application performance monitoring
  • User interfaces, administration, documentation, training materials and support with service level agreement from 9*5 up to 24*7, from a security cleared company within the scope of the secrecy support
  • The iFinder can be installed as on-premise in your own IT infrastructure, as a cloud service or as a true hybrid solution

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