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iFinder Confluence Search: Search smart – find faster

Confluence, a product developed by Australian software company Atlassian, has become one of the most used wikis in the world, THE information source for countless teams. But the growing content in Confluence is causing a big problem: users are struggling more and more to find the content and documents relevant to them.

That’s exactly where iFinder Confluence Search comes in, solving the problem quickly and efficiently. Another benefit of iFinder Confluence Search is that it makes it very easy to increase acceptance of Confluence among your users.
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Your Benefits with iFinder Confluence Search

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Modern interface - easy operation

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Scalability - fast search even in large data pools

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Protection and security for all of your data

Find Relevant Content Exactly When You Need It


Intelligent Search Bar

  • Auto-complete
    Auto-complete, auto-correct and instant search including for multi-word phrases, with secure search functionality.
  • Synonyms suggestion
    Synonyms can also be displayed and switched on.
  • Secure Search
    Users only see the documents and autocomplete suggestions they are authorized to see.

User-Friendly Results

  • Convenient preview options
    For more than 600 file formats.
  • Innovative filter options
    Dynamic and search-specific.
  • Tab-based structure
    Multiple searches can be run at the same time in separate tabs – giving users an optimal overview of their search progress.
  • Personalized dashboard
    With an overview of the most recent searches, saved searches, and favorited documents.
  • Savied searches and favorites
    For storing documents classed as important.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Share documents with colleagues and teams
    Work with search hits efficiently as a team.
  • Save searches
    Save searches to a collection so you can pick up a search later with ease or share it by e-mail.
  • Create search templates
    Save filters and search settings, and share settings easily by e-mail.
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iFinder Confluence Search on the Atlassian Marketplace

IntraFind is an Atlassian Marketplace Partner. Our enterprise search add-on – iFinder Confluence Search – can be found on the official Atlassian Marketplace.

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See prices for Data Center and Server Edition on the following pages.

Technical Requirements and Installation

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Get Started Right Away

Take a look at our hardware requirements.

You also need a separate Windows or Linux server on which to store iFinder Server Software. iFinder Server Software is included in iFinder Confluence Search and supplied at no additional cost.

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Scalable for the Future: Upgrade to Enterprise Search

Incorporate additional data sources, such as file shares, Jira, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, web portals, CMS, DMS, ERP, and many other applications. Search results from these sources are also provided in your familiar Confluence environment.
Confluence becomes a central search platform for company-wide knowledge.
We also offer you the option of enhancing your search with features such as knowledge graphs, GDPR-compliant searching, GEO searching, automatic keywords from relevant terms, and many more features.
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