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How companies find the right enterprise search software

Are you looking for a suitable provider of enterprise search software?

Data sources and information resources are growing in your company?
Information and documents are managed via different platforms?
Do you want to access suitable content and documents quickly and easily?

The right enterprise search solution

An enterprise search solution searches a wide range of data sources, including documents, files, content on the intranet, emails, databases and more.

Choosing the right provider for an enterprise search solution requires careful consideration and research.

Our guide helps companies and public authorities to choose the right provider. It lists in detail which requirements the software should absolutely fulfil in terms of technology, integration, operation and data security.

Steps that can help you choose the right provider:

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Needs analysis: Start with a comprehensive analysis of your organisation to understand your specific requirements for an enterprise search solution.


Budget setting: Determine a realistic budget for your enterprise search solution. Find out which questions you need to consider regarding pricing models in our guide.

Your Enterprise Search Guide for download: How to make the right decision

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Enterprise Search Guide
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