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Are your customers not finding the content they are looking for on your portal, even though the information is available? Does your team lack the knowledge to leverage the potential of your search? Then expand and optimize your search with the IntraFind linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch or OpenSearch.

Your advantages with the IntraFind linguistics plugin:


Your customers receive comprehensive and relevant information as a basis for their decisions. You increase the conversion rate and the return on investment of your portal and your specialist information database.

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The intelligent expansion of your search gives your employees the right tools to meet your customers' expectations and to stand out from the competition through quality.

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Is your search based on Elasticsearch or OpenSearch? Then install and configure our plugin quickly and easily - it also works for multilingual content.

Inspire your customers - your best guarantee for long-term customer relationships.

With IntraFind, we have found a partner who not only meets our professional and technological requirements, but also proves to be excellent in terms of cooperation.

Alexander Wicklaus

Product Owner, Collaboration platform
We were not aware that our Elasticsearch search had any gaps. Even user surveys did not reveal this weakness. It was only information from long-standing customers who knew where the documents were located that pointed this out to us. IntraFind's solution successfully closed this weakness in our content monetization.

Project Manager; Specialist information provider
In order to be able to offer our customers a search in our specialist information, we used a proprietary search technology that was adapted to our customer requirements over many years. Unfortunately, this technology did not scale to large amounts of data. With the help of the IntraFind plugin, it was possible to switch to Elasticsearch without compromising on quality. The maintenance effort for subject-specific thesauri has even been reduced, as the IntraFind technology with its integrated linguistics makes many subject-specific thesaurus entries superfluous.

Application Owner, Content-Portal

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With IntraFind linguistics, the user does not have to worry about the wording of his search queries, because IntraFind understands queries, especially with regard to the special requirements of the German language.

Application Owner, Content-Portal

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Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden endlich Suchergebnisse, die Ihrem Qualitätsanspruch entsprechen – mit dem Linguistik Plugin von IntraFind.

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Complete and accurate search results

  • In many languages
    Give your team the linguistic superpower they need to unlock the full potential of your search. With an advanced query parser and linguistic analyzer, available in over 30 languages.
  • Komplex oder einfach - das Ergebnis muss stimmen
    The search for "author" also returns "children's book author", or "team of authors", and not "car radio". "Verein" finds "Sportverein" and "Bundestagswahl" is a hit when searching for "Wahl".
Bibliothek Atrium

Linguistics makes the difference

  • Bigger, smaller, or the same... ?
    Conversion and search by units, no problem: "Display 5 inch" also returns hits for "4.8 inch" or "diagonal of 12 cm" - available for more than 50 units.
  • Concentrated knowledge in a single plug-in
    700.000 words (simplex lexemes) in the German lexicon, over 100 linguistic rules and more than 50.000 specialized terms and proper names - with annual updates.

Your success factor for enthusiastic users: Present your content in a user-oriented way

Complete - Relevant - in excellent quality

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Powerful linguistics for digital customer services

The linguistics plugin from IntraFind for Elasticsearch ensures complete and relevant search results at DATEV.
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Semantic linguistic indexing for better search results

Searches will be more convenient for users if they no longer have to worry about word variants and spellings.
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Linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch

Semantic linguistic analysis for better search results.

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