The Search on Your Website

You click in the search field, enter a product name, and get a matching result. At least that’s what most website visitors expect when they use a website search field. The reality is, however, that many websites still leave visitors frustrated. This is where a good search solution is more than useful, especially when a website has a lot of content or product information.

Discover how you can improve the visibility of your content with a powerful search solution.

Only the Best Search Results for Your (Website) Visitors

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The Most Important Features of Website Search

  • Intelligent search
    Exact or imprecise autocomplete, “did you mean” prompts, and autocorrect, as well a highlighting for a successful search experience.
  • Strong performance
    Whether your site has 20 pages or two million, whether 10 searches or 100,000 are performed each day – our search solution delivers fast, highly relevant results for your visitors.
  • Multilingual compatibility
    Our software supports more than 30 languages and is therefore excellently equipped for multilingual websites.
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More Benefits

  • User-friendly knowledge graphs and the like
    Use knowledge graphs to present your visitors with intelligently linked additional information next to the hit list, or offer smart links to further information. The extra information keeps visitors on your corporate website as they continue searching.
  • Configure your search instead of programming it
    We offer lots of tried-and-true features for configuration, so you can save money and implement your individual requirements for search features on your company website or the extranet for your partners.

Our Approach

Our products combine enterprise search, artificial intelligence, machine learning and linguistics. This approach allows us to create a central access point to relevant information for your visitors. We make it possible for you and your website users to search content by different criteria, such as by topic or department, or by individual product filters.

Maximum security

You can install our software on-premise in your own IT infrastructure or use it as a cloud service, hosted in a data center in Germany in compliance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 security standards.


Benefits of a Good Search for Your Website

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Increase session durations – make relevant content easier to find so visitors stay longer

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Improve conversion rates – increase your sales

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Attract loyal users – happy visitors come back for more

Enterprise Search at it's best

iFinder: the Website Search for Complex Queries

iFinder can be easily connected to your content management system for indexing. It integrates the search field into your website – with all the ease and convenience you could ask for. Simply test the search platform on this website – this is our configured standard iFinder product for website searches.

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