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Search Solutions for banks and insurance companies

In the fast-paced and complex environment of finance, access to relevant information is crucial. The ability to find business-critical data quickly and accurately can make the difference between success and standstill.

An intelligent, powerful enterprise search solution increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes.
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Challenges in the finance sector


Information overload

The financial sector generates enormous amounts of data every day. Without an efficient search solution, valuable information can be lost in the masses, which can lead to inefficient work processes and suboptimal decisions. Growing volumes of data stored in different data sources must be quickly accessible.
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Data privacy and compliance

Strict regulations in the financial sector require precise management and control of sensitive data. An powerful search reduces the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

Loss of time when searching for information

Quick access to relevant information is crucial in order to respond to customer inquiries promptly and comprehensively. Every minute that teams spend manually searching for information is wasted on strategic planning and customer service.

Advantages of an enterprise search solution for the optimization of internal workflows and increased productivity

Professional solutions are needed to handle large volumes of data, exploit its full potential and use it profitably in banking: The use of AI-supported enterprise search software plays a decisive role here.
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Your advantages with iFinder Enterprise Search

  • Quick access to relevant internal information and financial market data (structured and unstructured data). Reduce the time spent on manual data searches.
  • Improved compliance: Enable precise control and management of sensitive information to meet legal requirements and reduce the risk of infringements.
  • Efficient knowledge transfer: Easy exchange of relevant information and better utilization of the expert knowledge available in the company.
  • Flexible user interface: Fully customized to the needs of the company and intuitive for users.
  • Scaling: Enterprise Search solutions are future-proof and adapt to your growing organisation (e.g. increasing data volumes, new locations, documents in additional languages).

Use cases for enterprise search in the financial sector

  • Efficient information management: Break down data silos and make information accessible to your employees company-wide - via a central point of access.
  • Knowledge management: Facilitate access to relevant work information such as internal training materials, manuals, regulations and circulars. Secure the valuable expertise of colleagues leaving the company.
  • Business decisions: Make informed decisions: An enterprise search solution supports you by bringing together relevant information from various data sources and making it analyzable.
  • Sensitive data: Manage sensitive data through GDPR and compliance analysis.

The use of generative AI is changing the business of banks and insurance companies

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As generative AI excels in text comprehension and text creation, this is also where the most useful use cases for banks and the like lie. Of course, AI is used securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

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Financial institutions can implement chats to provide their employees with relevant internal information, for example from the intranet, by asking questions and receiving answers.


Improve sales processes: Summarize minutes of sales and consultation meetings for advisors and customers or compile essential information from credit files.

Success stories of our customers

"IntraFind was able to convince us by the intuitive and simple usability of the iFinder, the high quality of the word analysis and the best price-performance ratio of all the products tested

The introduction of the intranet search met with a positive response from employees. Due to its high performance and ease of use, the search solution has become one of the ten most popular websites and an indispensable work tool.

Project Manager "Group Web Search" of a bank with several thousand employees

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