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Easy Research in the Digital Reading Room

A good digital reading room makes it possible for interested users to research digital and digitized archive material effortlessly. One example of how this can be achieved by using an intelligent search engine is the new digital reading room of the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv). Manuel Brunner, historian and search engine specialist, explains how archivists can realize complex research requirements.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) – What's it all about?

"Retrieval Augmented Generation" (RAG) is a concept that is becoming increasingly common in the field of enterprise search. In his blog post, IntraFind AI expert Tim Vossen explains what the core idea of RAG is and what issues need to be considered when implementing it.

Working without borders: Flexible work culture in the home office

A look into a modern working world: How the Munich-based company IntraFind has successfully implemented new workplace models. From a balanced mix of working in the office, from home office and in hybrid work models to colleagues working flexibly from different European countries - we introduce some of them.

More intelligence for your chatbot and voicebot

Companies that use chatbots are convinced of the technology itself, but often struggle with insufficient results. In this guest article, Jörg Feldmann, founder of the system consultant kompaktwerk and expert for digital dialogue solutions writes about his experiences and the improved possibilities through enterprise search and the latest generative artificial intelligence.

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