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Enterprise Search at Its Best: iFinder

Do you need data and information - quickly, user-friendly and at a glance?

Our enterprise search software iFinder is a tool that helps you process information quickly and precisely,
gain valuable insights and use these as a basis for making informed decisions. 
Make the most of your company knowledge.

Enterprise Search at it's best

Enterprise Search Solution: iFinder

The AI-based iFinder supports you in your day-to-day work: 
Get the most relevant information right at the top of the hit list - be it in the form of found documents, AI-generated answers or text summaries.

Take the next step in the digital transformation of your company:
Centralize access to all company data through intelligent data integration with our enterprise search application.

Discover iFinder
Enterprise Search - IntraFind

iFinder Confluence Search

This is a package we put together specifically for use in Confluence. Search your Confluence data with fast precision thanks to comprehensive understanding of language and intuitive features. The package is available in the Atlassian Marketplace including a free trial version.
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iFinder GDPR

iFinder GDPR helps you search internal data sources such as file servers or e-mail systems for personal data in a targeted way.
Get a quick, reliable overview of where exactly personal data is located.
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iFinder NetApp Search

With our iFinder NetApp Search product, we are the only enterprise search provider to offer NetApp-certified software for high-performance searches in NetApp file services with real-time indexing. It makes searching even in large data pools incredibly easy.
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Artificial Intelligence combined with Enterprise Search

We combine generative AI with powerful enterprise search
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Analyze documents with AI

The analysis of many documents creates the basis for digital, automated business processes. Important information in documents is recognized and made available. This not only saves you time but also optimizes the entire work process.

Document Intelligence is the key to recognizing relevant core information and extracting it in order to continue working with this extracted data.
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LLMs transform Enterprise Search

Large Language Models (LLMs) extend the classic enterprise search. These language models can analyze huge amounts of data and understand natural language. In combination with an enterprise search, this AI technology creates even better search results. Integrated LLMs therefore provide even faster and more precise access to information
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Natural Language Processing: More linguistic competence for search engines

How can data generated by humans be analyzed quickly and easily? NLP uses linguistic and semantic analysis to create an optimal interpretation of the data. Search results are obtained that go beyond the original keyword query by including the context.
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Optimal iFinder product packages for your needs

We are continuously developing our products and have implemented both universally applicable and individual solutions for our customers in over 20 years - from Liferay and M365 Search to browser extensions.

Do you have a specific use case and would like to find out whether we have already covered it within a customer project?

Contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions.

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