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iFinder: the Most Important Features

IntraFind always keeps users in mind when developing new search features. Benefit from the many different functionalities of Cognitive Search.

What our Insight Engine Offers


Best Search Results thanks to NLP, AI, and Powerful Linguistic Capabilities

  • Excellent hit list relevance
    Search results that match the search query exactly
  • Semantic search
    Identify context beyond data silo limits
  • Easy aggregation of data
    In the hit list or using a knowledge graph
  • Deep analysis of found documents
    Much more than a full-text search
  • Perform searches using natural language
    Integrated AI language models (LLMs) also enable question-answering and text summaries
iFinder Knowledge graph - Screenshot

It's all about the Details

  • Tab-based hit list structure
    Multiple searches can be run at the same time in separate tabs – giving users an optimal overview of their search progress
  • Intelligent autocomplete
    Including for multi-word phrases, with secure search functionality and typo correction
  • Convenient preview options
    For more than 600 file formats with search terms highlighted
  • Knowledge graph 
    Provides important information at a glance
  • Customizable user interface
    With modular widgets on the dashboard

Safety first

  • Secure search
    The secure search only returns documents, filter options and suggestions for autocomplete for which the user is authorized
  • Rights and role concept
    With iFinder, complex rights and role concepts can be mapped.
  • Multi-client capability
    You can install and administer the solution centrally and serve any number of locations with individually tailored search solutions
iFinder Dashboard Screenshot

Find Information (Again), Enhance and Share It

  • Assign labels
    Labels can be assigned to all or individual documents in a hit list and used as search filters to make it easier to find them again and improve the quality of the metadata.
  • Save searches
    Save searches to a collection: searches can be picked up directly with all selected filters or shared by e-mail.
  • Favorite and share important documents
    For efficient teamwork.
Tagging Service - Screenshot

Content Enrichment

iFinder helps you generate and manage uniform metadata and keywords from documents automatically. It allows you to evaluate and compile document content intelligently.

Use AI methods to enhance documents with relevant metadata and categorize them into certain topics, to mark them with tags for personal data, for example, or deletion period, intellectual property, secrecy levels, or export control regulations.

Key iFinder Components

We offer a number of connectors which can be used to connect iFinder to different data sources. Connectors can be basic, such as the file share and database connector and a web crawler, or more sophisticated, such as the connectors for Office 365, Confluence, Liferay, Documentum, or even for ServiceNow or NetApp ONTAP.

Choose from Over 80 Connectors

Connectors IntraFind
iFinder is configurable, accessible, and easy to integrate into existing applications (such as an intranet). The modern interface can be configured to be simple and user-friendly (for use on the intranet, for example) or with enhanced functionality for knowledge workers, for example – all within one search application.

Your Benefit: Centralized Search

iFinder Sucheingabe - Screenshot
The dashboard is an alternative look at your daily searches. It offers a people search and delivers a quick overview of your most recent searches and favorited documents, saved searches, or news via a customizable ticker. Every user can customize their dashboard to show the elements most important to them.

Results Always at a Glance on a User-Friendly Dashboard

iFinder Dashboard - Screenshot

Smart Searching with Fast Results: iFinder Feature Highlights


Linguistics Makes the Difference

IntraFind linguistics enhance the hit list to make it more complete and precise. Terms are normalized to their basic form (lemmatization) and compound terms are broken down into their individual meaningful parts (compound decomposition). For example, the plural form "policemen" is reverted to its base form "policeman". The word "policeman" is recognized as a compound and separated into the single words "police" and "man". Users no longer have to know how a term is spelled because all variants are delivered in the results. Diacritical marks such as German umlauts are normalized, units can be normalized and converted, and all orthographical conventions are taken into account.


Customized Search Hits through Search Profiles

Administrators can create separate search profiles for specific user groups or even individual users with flexibility and ease (profiles for certain departments or employees at a site, for example). This approach allows them to restrict searches to certain data sources, document types, document languages, or site-related information, for example.

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