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IntraFind debunks five common myths about generative AI

The more popular a topic, the more people have an opinion on it. As a result, half-knowledge and myths that have little in common with reality quickly spread. IntraFind has put five statements about generative AI to the test.

These five trends will shape the AI year 2024

The year 2024 will once again be dominated by generative AI. IntraFind, a specialist in enterprise search and artificial intelligence, explains the specific developments that can be expected.

Independent research firm cites IntraFind as a "Strong Performer" in Cognitive Search Platforms report

IntraFind, a specialist for AI-based search and analysis software, is rated as a "Strong Performer" in a current report on the cognitive search platform market.

AI colleagues need clear limits

When using generative AI, companies and authorities should bear a few things in mind. A commentary by IntraFind-CEO Franz Kögl.

About IntraFind

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AI Made in Bavaria

IntraFind Software AG began in 2000 as a start-up, located initially on the Munich Software Campus, which was run by an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote young software companies. The two company founders and directors, Franz Kögl and Bernhard Messer, developed the company into an established international software manufacturer for enterprise search and AI-based information networking. IntraFind boasts more than 1,000 customers, companies and agencies of all sizes and from all industries, including BMW AG, DATEV, Rolls Royce, Rohde & Schwarz, the German Federal Armed Forces, police departments and regional institutions of Germany’s public pension fund. In 2017 the software manufacturer founded its US subsidiary IntraFind Inc. in New York. IntraFind has been the only German company listed with other international players in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines and The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q3 2023.


Information Search and Find

IntraFind’s products and solutions make it possible to efficiently search for, find, and analyze structured and unstructured information in all available internal and external data sources of a company. A large number of documents – even in the hundreds of millions – can be easily incorporated – and secure search is also not a problem. The flagship of the product range is iFinder, an enterprise search software solution used by countless companies and government agencies. 

The software increases efficiency in organizations by helping employees to quickly access the information they need for their tasks and decisions - be it in the form of found documents, AI-generated answers, or summaries.

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Analyzing and Interconnecting Data

The benefit of intelligent enterprise search software goes way beyond what a conventional search platform offers, allowing for deep analytical insights into the data. Using AI technology, the software can even intelligently interconnect different information from different data sources to derive insights from these results. As a result, companies and their employees get relevant information for decision-making and are even able to identify risks or general findings. The use cases of this type of enterprise search and analysis software are plentiful – from searching the intranet and detecting GDPR-relevant data to quickly compiling knowledge for support and service employees or analyzing contracts for lawyers.

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IntraFind: Company profile

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