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iFinder Operational Support & Managed Services

We offer comprehensive individual support for a successful, productive use of iFinder. Here is an overview of our scope of services to help you achieve optimal results for your company or organization.

Our Services


Operational Support for Productive iFinder Use:

  • Regular monitoring of log files, indexing, and health and log dashboards
  • Configuration of iFinder‘s own rights and roles concept
  • Support in analyzing access or authorization problems (LDAP groups)
  • Operating system monitoring (CPU, memory, hard disks)
  • Reacting to alerts, identifying critical developments such as increasing load on the servers
  • Application monitoring of the iFinder as well as functional tests
  • Deploying regular patches and updates
  • Delete data sources as well as individual documents from the index, restore backups

Getting the Most Out of Your Data – Together

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Advising Business Units

We advise your business units on the optimization of search and relevance profiles as well as on the evaluation of user statistics. This includes e.g.:

  • Regular analysis of the search queries entered that did not return any hits. Based on this, we suggest to the departments the creation of synonyms, thesauri, lists of abbreviations or, if necessary, multilingual dictionaries.
  • In addition, we support the maintenance of best bets and knowledge graphs.
  • If necessary, we identify data sources that are not yet connected, connect them or create new meaningful search scopes for individual user groups or carry out configurational measures in the iFinder.
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User Groups & Search Profiles

We make sure that the expected hits for a certain user group appear at the top of the hit list. We identify user groups based on personas and their use cases and use this information to make suggestions for search profiles and iFinder configuration for an optimal user experience in the context of your requirements.

This includes, for example, boosting certain types of documents or index fields. Together with you, we define the parameters for a freshness boost and optimize the relevance of the hits.


Configuration Support

Together with the users we define meaningful search replacements, which facilitate the daily work and configure dashboards such as the people search: We work with you to develop suggestions for expert identification, customize the presentation of metadata in search result templates, and make desired user interface adjustments.

We configure and optimize search facets. That is, we change them and check in the search log which facets are used in the search and remove rarely used facets if necessary. We suggest adding more search facets that we could generate through content enrichment and tagging to improve the user experience.

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Data Extraction, Data Quality & Analytics

We advise our customers also on the following subjects:

  • Data extraction and optimization of existing extraction rules
  • Suggestions for the profitable use of AI-based functionalities with machine learning and text classification methods
  • Creation of metadata concepts to improve data quality, for better integration, aggregation and cross-linking of your existing information landscape
  • Fileshare analysis and identify potential for data cleansing
  • Support in analyses for the identification of GDPR-relevant personal data

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