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iFinder: Enterprise Search made easy

iFinder helps you find important data and documents, whether they are located on a company drive, on the intranet, in wikis, or in e-mail systems. Take the next step in your company’s digital transformation by centralizing access to all company data with our enterprise search application.
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Improve Day-to-Day Operations – with our iFinder

iFinder improves search results by deploying artificial intelligence to deliver smart enterprise search functionality. Discover a selection of the most important features below.
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What Our Customers Like about iFinder

  • Easy operation
    User-friendly interface for excellent usability
  • Use of cutting-edge AI including large language models
    Get exactly the information that you need from your unstructured and structured data
  • Privilege-based results
    Each user only sees exactly the data they are authorized to see
  • Scalability
    Fast search even in growing data pools
  • Enterprise-ready
    State-of-the-art deployments, low operating costs
iFinder customer use cases
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Maximum Flexibility

  • iFinder works where and how you want it to: on premise, in the cloud, in a hybrid environment, as SaaS, or as a managed service
  • There’s no file format that iFinder doesn’t recognize: it can index over 600 file formats, including scanned documents, and audio and video files
  • Enjoy flexible use of iFinder: as a complete standalone web application for searching and knowledge management, or integrated in existing applications, such as wikis, portals, or Outlook
  • iFinder is a multi-tenant solution: install and administer it centrally and deliver search results – even individually customized results – to as many sites as desired
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Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative AI: the Best AI for Your Documents

  • The integrated AI, fully developed linguistics, and analytical capabilities of iFinder allow for hundreds of millions of structured and unstructured datasets to be processed in no time at all.
  • iFinder offers much more than just full-text searching. It recognizes context and identifies connections, and helps you make full use of your knowledge stores. With iFinder, you are deploying future-proof intelligent data and metadata management for your company.
  • Combination of enterprise search and large language models (LLMs): iFinder integrates LLMs to help you get the full potential of your data.
Learn more about NLP in our blog
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Customized Search Hits through Search Profiles

  • Administrators can create separate search profiles for specific user groups or even individual users, such as profiles for certain departments or employees at a site.
  • This approach allows them to restrict searches to certain data sources, document types, document languages, or site-related information, for example, and influence which documents can be found by which employees.
  • And of course the access rights of every single user are taken into account in each case.

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Discover the most important iFinder functions in our short video overview.

Access Knowledge from All Data Silos – with Our Connectors

The iFinder has an extensive range of complete connectors for linking up your data sources to the central search application. In countless projects, there is not a single data source that we haven’t connected!

What’s more, we support federated search and the OpenSearch standard. And using our API, you yourself can even integrate an individual data source from your company in the search.
Connectors IntraFind

Preconfigured Packages for Fast Productivity

Enterprise Search - IntraFind

iFinder Confluence Search – a Powerful Search for Your Confluence

Our iFinder Confluence Search is the result of targeted optimizations to adapt our product specifically for use in Confluence, so your users can find what they’re looking for in Confluence much more easily and work more efficiently. The package is available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Search all of your Confluence data quickly and easily – and expand your search to include enterprise results as desired.
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iFinder GDPR – Analysis of Any and All Personal Data

The iFinder GDPR helps you search internal data sources such as file servers or e-mail systems for personal data in a targeted way. Get a quick, reliable overview of where exactly personal data is located so you can respond quickly when a data subject submits an information request, for example.
Use the integrated AI to unearth otherwise undetected personal data in your file or e-mail systems.
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iFinder for NetApp – Intelligent Real-Time Search in NetApp File Services

We are the only enterprise search provider offering NetApp-certified software for powerful searching in NetApp file services with real-time indexing: the iFinder for NetApp.
Learn more
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More iFinder Use Cases

Whether you use it to search the intranet, as a central component of any knowledge management solution, or when creating a well-functioning digital workplace, enterprise search has many aspects and the requirements in this area are multifaceted. Take a look at the most common use cases for enterprise search and discover the best options for your company.
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All iFinder Products & Solutions

We offer a range of preconfigured packages that cover our customers' key use cases - for example, iFinder Liferay Search or iFinder M365 Search. In addition, we can of course easily configure and package other solutions.

Do you have a specific use case and would like to know if we have already covered it within a customer project? Contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions.

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These Companies Use iFinder

"IntraFind stands for technologically advanced products, reliability and customer service. The search specialists at IntraFind quickly understood our needs in terms of the functionalities of the new search and were able to convey their understanding of the solution - that's how one feels ideally protected as a customer."

Thomas Müller

IntraFind Case Study: Audi AG
„As engine manufacturer, we are obliged to keep documents for a long time. If necessary, the access to information can be critical. The new search solution delivers the results you want quickly, simply, and reliably – meaning valuable time savings and satisfied users thanks to IntraFind.“

Uwe Urra

MTU Aero Engines AG
"With iFinder, we were thrilled with the individual personalization options. In shipping, we search for specific shipping numbers several times a day and now save a lot of time on each search thanks to the search profile set up for our department. The resulting cost savings and customer orientation speak for themselves."

Stefan Schäfer

Head of Dispatch Disposition, WAREMA Renkhoff SE
Warema Flächenvorhang
"It's hard to imagine our organization without iFinder. Colleagues all over Germany and in offices abroad appreciate the search software as an efficient helper in the flood of data and documents."

Haki AK

Head of IT Networks, Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V.
Deutsche Kriegsgräberstätte in Costermano/Italien

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