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Checklist: How companies find the right enterprise search software

Companies can hardly cope with the increasing flood of data. That's why more and more are starting to look for suitable enterprise search software. A guide from IntraFind helps them with the selection process.

How companies identify their sensitive data

All organizations have sensitive data, and handling it responsibly is a business-critical issue. But before companies can take steps to protect that data, they must first figure out what information that needs protection exists in the first place and where it is stored. This is anything but trivial.

Know-how has no pension entitlement

The baby boomer generation is slowly but surely retiring - and if companies are not careful, their extensive know-how will be retired with them. Enterprise search systems are an important component in preventing this, explains knowledge management expert IntraFind.

Semantic Search

With the advent of large language models and deep learning, there arises a need to redefine search engines. The era of relying solely on word-based searches is over, making way for semantic search. Christoph Goller, Head of Research at IntraFind, provides a concise overview of the key AI techniques that are poised to revolutionize search. Furthermore, he evaluates these techniques in terms of their practical applicability.

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