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Increased efficiency and cost savings: Why companies need enterprise search software

Enterprise search software can drive a company's success. IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl explains why this technology is crucial for increasing efficiency and cost savings in companies and uses real ROI calculations to show how companies can improve their productivity and utilize their resources more efficiently by using enterprise search and AI.

Generative AI: From hype to practical application in business

Generative AI based on large language models (LLMs) offers companies and public authorities a wide range of opportunities to increase their productivity. They now face the challenge of transforming the AI hype into concrete applications in the business environment. IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl describes how organizations can safely use their own data with generative AI to increase efficiency.

Easy Research in the Digital Reading Room

A good digital reading room makes it possible for interested users to research digital and digitized archive material effortlessly. One example of how this can be achieved by using an intelligent search engine is the new digital reading room of the German Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv). Manuel Brunner, historian and search engine specialist, explains how archivists can realize complex research requirements.

IntraFind debunks five common myths about generative AI

The more popular a topic, the more people have an opinion on it. As a result, half-knowledge and myths that have little in common with reality quickly spread. IntraFind has put five statements about generative AI to the test.

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