04.07.2023 | News This is how companies realize that it is high time for enterprise search

The boss is raging, the GDPR officer is nervously biting his fingernails, the support staff is desperate: IntraFind lists five unmistakable signs that companies need enterprise search software.

Contracts, invoices, applications, offers, reports, presentations, and e-mails - distributed across file systems, company portals, wikis, and cloud platforms: The data jungle in companies grows and grows and no one can see through it anymore. This is noticeable at every nook and cranny. IntraFind describes five situations that clearly show that companies are hopelessly overwhelmed with their own information.

  1. The boss rages. "Doesn't anyone here know what we know?" He remembers quite clearly that a few years ago their company developed a special technical procedure that could now help with a major customer. But the employee who developed the process has since retired, and no one has any idea where the documents are stored that they created back then.
  2. A sales colleague has gasps. She has created a presentation from scratch - only to find out a short time later by chance that a colleague of her has already prepared a presentation for a very similar sales case, which would have been a perfect template. She could have really used the time she saved for other sales cases.
  3. The person responsible for the GDPR is nervously biting fingernails. A customer has dared to make a request for information and wants to know what personal information we have about them. “How am I supposed to track them down in all our files, documents, emails and spreadsheets in time?"
  4. The knowledge management department is in a bad mood. They have set up an intranet with great zeal and a lot of effort - but no one uses the thing because the standard search delivers only lousy results and is of no help to anyone. "Does anyone have any idea how to pimp the search?"
  5. A support employee in the call center is in despair. A V-belt is defective in a customer's machine. They need a new one and they also need help replacing it. It has taken the support employee forever to find out what type of V-belt is installed in the customer's machine. He's been clicking through an instruction manual for minutes looking for information on how to replace it. The customer is noticeably losing patience and is about to hang up.

"We live in the information age, everyone is talking about AI, but when it comes to managing information and data, many companies remain in the stone age," explains IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl. "With Enterprise Search, they can change that. The software is able to connect all conceivable systems and data sources and search them centrally. Thanks to AI technologies, it understands the topics of content and links them in an intelligent way. Employees quickly get to all the information they need for their daily work and don't get into trouble in the first place."

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