14.07.2022 | News Enterprise Search finds even the smallest needle in the haystack

There can never be too much information - at least that is the theory. However, in view of the rising flood of information, companies now often ask themselves how they can tackle the data flood and filter out information that is relevant to them. The software company IntraFind recommends the use of enterprise search solutions for this purpose. However, these must have at least the following three core characteristics.

Many companies have long since lost track of their treasure trove of data and employees can no longer find what they are actually looking for. According to AI specialist IntraFind, an enterprise search is therefore the right solution for the problem due to the following three properties:

1. Personalization. Dedicated enterprise search solutions offer fine-grained personalization of search filters and search results for specific tasks. Thus, employees find precisely the information at the top of the hit list that is important for their work. Companies can generally adapt such solutions to their individual requirements and configure one and the same product as a lean search in the intranet, as a feature-rich user interface with Knowledge Graph for knowledge workers, or as an information cockpit for purchasing.

2. Data integration. Enterprises rely not only on internal sources, but also on external sources. Properly implemented, enterprise search solutions provide seamless search results from all connected data sources - from in-house data servers and cloud storage to publicly available online portals. They also enable alerts that automatically informs employees about news or market changes, for example.

3. Artificial intelligence. Managing large data is easier for companies if they enrich their files with metadata. For example, metadata contain additional information on authors, subject areas and the respective content categories, security levels, deletion periods, personal data or compliance-relevant parameters. However, adding metadata is a cumbersome task, especially in very large data bases. With the help of artificial intelligence, an enterprise search solution takes this burden off the shoulders of the company and its employees. It can automatically enrich billions of documents with metadata, classify them by topic and thus significantly increase the quality of the data treasure. As a result, this enrichment ensures significantly better search results.

"There is never too much information - it just remains unused far too often," says Franz Kögl, CEO of IntraFind Software AG. "Companies should therefore not see a burden in a large data pool, but rather ask themselves how they can get the greatest possible value from it for their business model. The best way to do this is with enterprise search solutions. They help companies to extract exactly the information they really need from a gigantic data pool. They are, so to speak, the magnet for the needle in the haystack."

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