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Whether you are looking for insights into employment contracts, rental agreements, or any other type of document, Contract Analyzer is the intelligent reading aid for lawyers and anyone else who needs to read, record, and assess large volumes of text. Contract Analyzer extracts all relevant findings and clauses from contracts in seconds and lists the text passages in a user-friendly overview. Review lots of contract passages quickly, work paperlessly directly in the application, and extract the information and analyses that are important for you and your team. Of course, the intelligent search solution, iFinder, is included with Contract Analyzer.
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Your Benefits with Contract Analyzer

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Save valuable work time – Contract Analyzer gets you the relevant core information quickly and saves you from having to read through reams of documents.

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Easy operation – our software features a user-friendly design and intuitive operation. Work on your documents directly in the application – efficiently and paperlessly.

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Use pre-trained findings immediately and then easily train the artificial intelligence yourself for individual tasks – even a small amount of training produces good results.

Important Contract Content at a Glance with Contract Analyzer


Artificial Intelligence

The software employs the latest artificial intelligence processes and methods, with an excellent understanding of language. Machine learning, deep learning, and fact recognition all work away in the background to identify data points and clauses, allowing Contract Analyzer to process information quickly and efficiently.

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Detect and Process Lots of File Formats

Our software detects and processes over 600 file formats, such as Word and PDF. Naturally you can also upload scanned documents to Contract Analyzer. After analysis the collected insights can be easily exported to Excel or Word, for example.

Good Overview for Precise Analysis

Contract Analyzer has different view options – for example, you can select individual data points or clauses and see which contracts contain these. You can also get an overview of the findings and clauses contained in an individual contract and then evaluate these.

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Intelligent Software that Learns from You

Our Contract Analyzer features advanced learning algorithms, which allow you to train our software for your own specific purposes, in order to achieve your objectives even more quickly.

You train the software by annotating and labeling text passages that are relevant to you. With even just a few annotations, Contract Analyzer can already deliver huge benefits. Constantly expand your set of AI detectors and use and combine these flexibly for new projects. Importantly: your AI training remains your own expert knowledge; if you use the SaaS version of Contract Analyzer, we do not co-opt your expertise.

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Quick and Reliable Processing

Contract Analyzer helps you complete tasks like these quickly and reliably:

  • Are there references to liability amounts greater than one million euros?
  • Show me all rental agreements with rents lower than 1,500 euros.
  • Which contracts are missing liability clauses, or which contain special termination rights?

How Contract Analyzer Works

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Upload contract data

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Automatically analyze the data, including intelligent search

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Check and process data

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Export reports

Smart Contract Analysis – as a Cloud Service or On-Premise

You can install our software on-premise in your own IT infrastructure and incorporate it into your workflow – or use it as a cloud service, hosted in a data center in Germany in compliance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 security standards.

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