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05.04.2022 | News Document Intelligence maximizes process efficiency

Document intelligence software extracts relevant information from any text-based files and applications. Integrated into internal and external workflows, it significantly increases the efficiency of companies and government agencies. AI and enterprise search specialist IntraFind presents five use cases for intelligent document analysis.

The value of data is not always apparent at first glance: important information is often deeply hidden in documents. As the data pool in organizations grows ever faster, the use of AI-based document intelligence software is now almost mandatory. The software solution provides decision makers with valuable information from all documents and areas of organizations and optimizes text-based work processes. IntraFind, a specialist in enterprise search and AI, demonstrates five tasks where document intelligence shines.

1. Automatic application checking

Nowadays, public authorities and insurance companies offer the submission of applications via customer or citizen portals on the Internet. Document intelligence software automatically checks application documents for correctness, completeness and plausibility. Properly integrated into the portal, artificial intelligence often provides relevant information while data is being entered into online forms. It thus prevents users from submitting their applications incorrectly or incompletely and accelerates application processing.

2. Compliance - fulfillment of legal requirements

Document intelligence solutions also check the validity of large contract portfolios very quickly, for example, when changes to the law are pending. The software also helps with compliance with the GDPR: it quickly and reliably finds information relevant to data protection. In this way, companies can prevent violations of the General Data Protection Regulation and keep their business data free of non-relevant personal content.

3. Sorting and forwarding emails

Modern document intelligence software automatically analyzes incoming emails for content-related topics. The AI then categorizes the digital mail and forwards it to the appropriate department for a response or assists with automatic replies to inquiries.

4. Recruiting

In application processes, organizations have to sift through many documents and analyze them to determine whether applicants are qualified for the advertised position. Document intelligence software automatically identifies knowledge and skills in resumes and matches them with the requirements from the job posting. The AI then passes the most suitable applications, sorted by degree of match, to the HR department to continue the hiring process, minimizing their qualification efforts.

5. Automated tagging

The use of document intelligence solutions also makes sense in editorial offices or publishing houses, as many texts are generated in the course of daily work - whether from in-house production or for research. The AI takes over tedious organizational tasks such as topic classification and keywording for news archives, so that editors and proofreaders have more time for value-adding activities.

"Document Intelligence is ushering in a new era," emphasizes Franz Kögl, board member at IntraFind. "The capabilities of modern AI-based document intelligence software are versatile and significantly accelerate document-based work processes. Organizations increase their efficiency with them, improve their customer service and remain competitive."


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