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Diakonie Uses iFinder for Enterprise Search in NetApp File Services

The Protestant Agency for Diakonie and Development (EWDE, Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung) uses NetApp File Services to store documents and information. Using the NetApp certified IntraFind search solution iFinder, connected via the fpolicy service, these file systems can now be searched in real-time.
"We are particularly excited about the linguistic functions iFinder offers.
During the search we get to see all relevant results and so no longer overlook anything."

Danijel Slankovic

Team Leader IT Operations at Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung (EWDE)

Quick and Easy Search in large Amounts of Data

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Project Overview

Industry: Social Services

Challenge: Search NetApp file services for 8 million documents

Solution: iFinder with NetApp ONTAP connector and FPolicy interface


The Callenge

Documents for donations management, applications for refugee relief and important email traffic between the individual associations - over the years, a substantial amount of data accumulated on the servers of the EWDE.

EWDE uses NetApp file services for storing the data. However, when staff members at the EWDE were searching for a particular document, they had to know exactly in which directory the file had been stored.

The search process via Windows Explorer proved to be difficult and often slow; it was also tedious, since documents with a given subject could be spread over various directories and users had no way of knowing which documents were actually available on the subject.


Our Solution

The search solution is linked to the existing NetApp file services via the FPolicy service. The time-consuming search via Windows Explorer thus is history. If a document is newly created, deleted or modified or if just the permissions to the document are changed, this change is processed directly in iFinder without requiring extensive crawling. The search results therefore always reflect the current status in real-time.

The user permissions are also taken into account for the search. iFinder ensures that users only get to see the documents in the hit list that they are allowed to access.

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Enterprise Search at it's best

Using iFinder

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