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Beuth Verlag: Cutting-Edge Software Solution for Efficient Standards Management

Nautos is a new and state-of-the-art software solution for corporate standards management developed by the Beuth Verlag publishing company. The heart of this solution is its intelligent search functionality. This is based on the iFinder search software and allows users to find required standards and technical specifications from a pool of almost 2.5 million data records in seconds and then directly utilize them for subsequent processes.
“Our new solution comprehensively supports our customers when working with documents and data from the international standards and specifications sector and makes their internal research quite a bit easier. And IntraFind’s iFinder plays a key role in making that happen.”

Dominik Grau

Managing Director
Beuth Verlag
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Standards and technical specifications can be found in seconds

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Project Overview

Industry: Publishing

Challenge: Providing a state-of-the-art software solution that allows companies to efficiently manage standards and technical specifications

Solution: Intelligent search software iFinder

Customer profile: The Beuth Verlag publishing house is a subsidiary of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). It distributes national and international standards as well as other technical specifications and develops technical literature in a variety of media formats for the industrial, research, commercial, service, academic, and skilled trades sectors.

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The Challenge

As the market leader for the management of standards and technical specifications, digital systems play a central role for Beuth Verlag. For example, the publishing house offers companies software solutions for standards management. In the past, these also included the two systems Perinorm and Beuth e-Norm. Within the scope of a modernization project, the publishing company recently worked closely with lead users to develop a new, innovative standards management solution – named Nautos – to replace these two systems. “Combining the two solutions into our new software application Nautos has allowed us to increase the overall cost-effectiveness,” explains Dominik Grau, managing director of Beuth. “We’ve also added a range of new features, unlocking new revenue potential for our sales team.”
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The Solution

Beuth implemented the search functionality using the iFinder search solution from IntraFind. iFinder stands out thanks to its extensive range of options for targeted searches. For example, it offers an autocomplete feature that completes the search term or suggests alternatives when the user has only entered in a few letters. The software automatically corrects any typos or incorrectly spelled words in the search entries. Furthermore, the software uses natural language processing (NLP) to give users access to the information they are looking for by entering search terms using natural language search queries.