16.11.2023 | Blog Working without borders: Flexible work culture in the home office

A look into a modern working world: How the Munich-based company IntraFind has successfully implemented new workplace models. From a balanced mix of working in the office, from home office and in hybrid work models to colleagues working flexibly from different European countries - we introduce some of them.

Working from abroad - qualification and team spirit counts

The way we work has changed radically in recent years. Thanks to smart technologies and a change in the mindset of many companies, knowledge workers are no longer tied to a fixed workplace and can be productive anywhere. At IntraFind, we go one step further and enable our employees not only to regularly work from home, but also to work from different German cities, other European countries or even the American continent. For us, it is not the place of residence that counts, but above all professional skills and team spirit.

Here we give an insight into our experiences with this enriching work culture and introduce some of our colleagues who work for IntraFind from abroad.



Sebastian used to work in the Munich office as a project manager for our Professional Services organization. During the pandemic and afterwards, he worked entirely from home. In the meantime, he has moved to Sweden and is now responsible for technical support as a Solution Specialist.

"My experience with the home office has been a thoroughly positive one. That doesn't mean that this way of working doesn't come with its challenges. However, in my opinion, the advantages such as flexibility and less stress in terms of commuting far outweigh any disadvantages I could find so far. A fantastic example of this flexibility is my move to Sweden. Being able to keep the job I'm used to at IntraFind has made starting this big new chapter much easier and more secure."



Daniel works year-round from home in Lisbon as a Technical Writer in Product Development. He is the first colleague to have lived abroad before joining IntraFind.

"I appreciate working in the home office because it allows me to work for IntraFind from abroad - although after almost 15 years now, I don't even want to talk about abroad anymore. For me, this is European integration in action. The daily work in the team is made possible by the technology. And if I'm ever in Munich, then of course I look forward to going to the beer garden with my colleagues after a day at the office."



As Talent Acquisition Manager in HR, Melanie is on the lookout for new colleagues. She lives near Munich, but for family reasons occasionally spends time in Italy and then works from there.

"When a large part of the family lives abroad, it is often difficult to do justice to everyone in everyday life with a job and a child. I am very grateful that IntraFind makes it possible and supports me to work from Italy from time to time and thus combine family and career. I manage this balancing act mainly through the flexibility of my work schedule and the understanding in the team."

Conclusion: The different working models work well

For us, the focus is not only on work, but also on a strong sense of togetherness and shared values. With the help of online meetings, communication tools and project management platforms, we ensure that all team members can communicate and work together optimally, no matter where they are. That's why even long-time colleagues stay with IntraFind if their personal life situation changes. And because it is nice to see each other in real life from time to time, we organize internal company events several times a year, to which all colleagues who want to can attend.

You think that's interesting? Let's explore together how we can take advantage of the digital world to create a work environment without boundaries, where every individual can develop their potential to the fullest. We look forward to finding nice and qualified new colleagues to join our team.

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