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04.05.2022 | Blog An affinity for technology, an ability to quickly understand concepts, and analytical skills

Career Paths at IntraFind – Markus Magdolen on his responsibilities as technical project manager at the enterprise search vendor
Lisa Oberhofer und Markus Magdolen im IntraFind Office München

The perfect formula for getting off to a flying start as a project manager

To ensure that customers get the maximum benefit from IntraFind software, the company not only needs software developers, but also employees who implement and expertly support enterprise search projects for specific customers.

In this interview, HR Manager Lisa Oberhofer speaks with Markus Magdolen about his responsibilities at the specialist for search and analysis software.

Markus, why don’t you tell us what you do at IntraFind?

I work for IntraFind as a technical project manager and am responsible for ensuring that our customers’ projects are implemented successfully. Our enterprise search software iFinder already comes with a wide range of standard functionalities. But our customers, especially our larger customers, usually still have a variety of specific requirements, for example when it comes to styling, data sources, or how search results are presented (relevance criteria, boosting, etc.). Specifically, I’m responsible for communicating with the customer and specifying requirements, installation on the customer’s system, and overseeing projects all the way from launch to system operation.

What skills do you think a good technical project manager needs to bring to the table?

There are a number of different profiles and skill sets among technical project managers. Some are more focused on customers and projects, while others are more focused on technical aspects and thus closer to software development. Personally, I work more in customer support and project management. At IntraFind, each project manager is assigned to a project specifically according to their skills, strengths, and development potential.

As a general rule, a technical project manager should be able to quickly understand concepts, possess analytical skills, and have a certain affinity for technology. The better the employee understands the product and the technical interrelationships, the easier it will be for them to perform their duties when implementing projects. The most important qualities to me, however, remain the project manager’s personality traits, such as being self-motivated and able to communicate and work as part of a team. If they possess these traits, the technical skills usually develop on their own. Over time, you take on more and more projects independently and your area of responsibility grows.

What do you enjoy most about your job at IntraFind?

The special thing about IntraFind is the large number of customers and projects – we have about 1,000 customer installations worldwide. This means that as a project manager, I’m involved in a wide range of exciting projects, both in the public sector environment and in the private sector. In these projects, I have the opportunity to become acquainted with a wide range of companies, people, technologies, and specific requirements, and to develop professionally and methodically in the best possible way. Furthermore, iFinder is a very powerful yet also very accessible software that I learn something new about every day.

And what’s special about IntraFind as an employer to you?

I like that the team is very close, that people are willing to help each other, and that we all communicate in an open and transparent manner at this founder-led company. I’m also a very social person, so I enjoy the many events that can still be held despite the coronavirus pandemic, such as the summer festival, the holiday party, and the weekend cabin retreat. I also love sports and therefore actively take advantage of the many athletic opportunities, such as the running events or the bike leasing program.

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