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How financial service providers benefit from Enterprise Search

Financial services companies have a huge amount of data at their disposal and are at the same time subject to strict regulatory requirements. Enterprise search specialist IntraFind explains how they can use a solution for enterprise-wide search to take advantage of the associated opportunities and master the challenges.

Artificial intelligence augments human intelligence

Augmentation means to increase, strengthen, expand and previously the term was known rather from the medical field. But augmentation is also an important factor in the field of software. Because software can support people and optimize their performance. A classic example is the enterprise search and analysis software of IntraFind, which uses artificial intelligence.

AI augmentation makes the workplace more efficient

An enterprise search solution helps companies to open up information silos and provide all employees with fast and holistic access to the required data stock. IntraFind, specialist in the field of enterprise search and AI software, gives five typical application examples for AI augmentation.

How public authorities benefit from Enterprise Search

Search and retrieval, knowledge management and smart information logistics are central building blocks for every digitization project - both for companies and public authorities. With a good AI-based search and analysis software, even databases of billions of documents can be efficiently evaluated.

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