28.04.2022 | News IntraFind und Join combine their enterprise search knowledge

Enterprise search and AI specialist IntraFind and Join GmbH, IT project service provider for the integration of intelligent search services, among other things, have entered into a partnership. The aim is to jointly support companies in the implementation of enterprise search projects and the optimization of existing solutions.

With their partnership, IntraFind and Join reduce the complexity of enterprise search projects and provide organizations with their bundled expertise around AI-based search engines and their integration - starting with conceptual consulting, throughout the implementation process and up to support in productive use. The joint technology and service portfolio will benefit companies and public administrations in particular, which require precisely this overall package of product and service.

Many companies are considering the use of enterprise search solutions because conventional search engines for individual applications or operating systems do not provide the desired scope of services. Others already use central information portals, but lack search components or connectivity to specific data sources. By working together, IntraFind and Join offer companies a holistic solution to the challenge of meeting their day-to-day information needs. Enterprise Search plays out its enormous advantages especially in the fast aggregation and provision of data. Enterprise Search solutions are also valuable in store systems and other so-called Search Driven Applications, as they can connect and display content based on metadata across system boundaries.

In the long term, IntraFind and Join GmbH will increasingly focus their cooperation on the area of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), i.e. AI-based document processing. In addition, the development of joint solutions for the Microsoft 365 world is also on the partners' roadmap.

"The partnership with Join enables a whole new range of services for companies," explains Manuel Brunner, partner manager at IntraFind. "IntraFind provides the enterprise search technology for this and Join the expertise to integrate this technology into office applications and existing search solutions. Together, we are establishing search as the information hub for tomorrow's digital workplace."

Rico Weber, Head of Intelligent Search at Join, added: "We are delighted to now be able to offer IntraFind's customers our experience and expertise in integrating intelligent search services into existing systems and end applications in a targeted manner. With our partner IntraFind, we are helping companies regain mastery of their data treasure trove and realize its full potential."

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