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06.06.2023 | News iFinder Confluence Search now also available for Atlassian Cloud

IntraFind's iFinder Confluence Search is a comprehensive SaaS enterprise search application for the Confluence knowledge platform available on Atlassian's Marketplace.

With its Embedded Enterprise Search for Confluence Cloud, IntraFind provides the first SaaS solution for professional enterprise search that can be easily tested, purchased and installed via the Atlassian Marketplace. The iFinder Confluence Search provides employees with results quickly and efficiently. For this purpose, the enterprise search indexes and analyzes the entire content in Confluence including attachments from over 600 possible file formats in interaction with NLP technologies (Natural Language Processing).

The use of effective search is of central importance when it comes to finding unstructured and extensive knowledge in Confluence. Confluence is used by many companies as a central knowledge platform as well as an intranet and serves as a digital place for collaboration where employees collect, organize, and share information with others - often across their own team and department. In the process, knowledge is constantly growing and finding relevant information becomes a challenge.

With the help of professional search functionality, employees can search through even large databases much more quickly, filter out relevant information in a targeted manner and draw on existing knowledge. As a result, both productivity and user acceptance of Confluence in the company increase.

"By integrating our search technologies into Atlassian's Confluence cloud solution, we are giving all Confluence users a powerful new tool with which they can work even more efficiently," explains Franz Kögl, CEO at IntraFind. "With it, companies fulfill many of the necessary requirements to remain productive despite an ever-growing mountain of data."

iFinder Confluence Search is available through the Atlassian Marketplace and is far more than just a plugin for Confluence. It gives customers their own enterprise search engine. For Confluence Cloud, the iFinder Search Engine is available as a SaaS service, and Windows and Linux installations are available for Data Center or Server Edition.

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