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28.02.2022 | News Enterprise Search spurs the research cycle

Research and development are always confronted with gigantic amounts of data whose valuable content they often have trouble extracting. IntraFind, specialist for enterprise search and artificial intelligence, recommends an AI-powered search engine for this purpose.

Enterprise search solutions drive innovation by efficiently providing the information needed. This benefits scientific and research institutions, as well as development departments in companies - throughout the entire lifespan of their projects. IntraFind sees gigantic potential in three areas in particular.

1. Search and find experts

Whether in the pharmaceutical, automotive, or electronics industries, corporations usually have huge development departments with experts from a wide range of disciplines and at various locations. When a new project is due, it is a fundamental challenge to put together suitable teams. Since research and development are interdisciplinary activities, decision-makers need a 360-degree overview of suitable employees, including their specific know-how. With the help of an enterprise search solution, they can quickly find the right people for the current research tasks based on personal profiles or publications of the experts and put together the perfect team based on the search results. This means that project managers do not have to laboriously evaluate and match the existing knowledge in the workforce manually.

2. Identify project knowledge

Once a project team has been put together, it usually goes straight into action and starts working. Especially at the start, research results from other teams or organizations can be helpful. However, the team must first find them. If there is no enterprise search solution that allows the research team to browse internal and external sources, such as databases, digitized research literature, emails and wikis, they will waste valuable time searching for information. An AI-powered search engine that covers entire research areas and discovers and correlates existing information empowers experts to draw knowledge from countless data that is elemental to their development work.

At universities and research institutes in particular, there is a great need for access to the often decentrally stored wealth of knowledge via an enterprise search solution: These institutions naturally have a high turnover of scientists and students. With each departure or graduation, some knowledge is always lost. A central AI-supported solution for searching a wide variety of sources can remedy this situation by making knowledge that has already been collected permanently available.

3. Monitor industry trends and research findings

The world of research and development never stands still, so "trend-watching" is also important. Experts can only address current requirements innovatively and effectively if they are up to date on industry trends, research results, and legal requirements. In this case, too, an enterprise search solution that companies, universities and other research institutes can also use for external information sources can help. So-called alerts notify experts of news from external sources such as websites, specialist publications, updates in specialist databases and similar relevant resources.

"For most projects, the time factor is very important. It is therefore a significant competitive advantage if teams can elicit all relevant information quickly and completely," explains Franz Kögl, CEO at IntraFind. "But the problems with information retrieval are obvious: Important information is often contained in various structured and unstructured data sources, and moreover in all kinds of languages. An enterprise search solution marginalizes these problems by finding all information on keywords, topics and questions - even from several billion documents and across the most diverse resources, thus eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel over and over again."

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