IntraFind Case Study - Datev

DATEV: High-Performance Linguistics for Digital Customer Services

DATEV has implemented a centralized basic search service for its numerous cloud services. IntraFind’s linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch delivers comprehensive and relevant search results.
“We found the perfect partner in IntraFind that not only met our professional and technological requirements, but also proved to be an outstanding company to work with.”

Alexander Wicklaus

Product Owner Collaboration Platform
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Modern Linguistics for Optimized Search Results

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The project at a glance

Industry: Business software provider for tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and companies

Challenge: High-performance search to cope with the flood of financial information

Solution: Linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch

User: Internal customer service employees, employees of external call centers, over the long term, more than one million users

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The challenge

DATEV offers tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, and companies a range of comprehensive services from the cloud. A high-performance search function is critical to many of these applications. “The flood of financial information means that search and find is increasingly a basic prerequisite but also essential feature when it comes to providing users with the right information in the right format,” explains Alexander Wicklaus, Product Owner Collaboration Platform at DATEV. “In addition, search is increasingly becoming an integral part of automating and managing processes.”
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The solution

To meet these requirements, DATEV implemented a search tool based on the Elasticsearch search engine. The linguistics plugin for Elasticsearch from IntraFind
forms an integral part of this basic search service. Using state-of-the-art linguistic text indexing techniques, this solution ensures that the service delivers exhaustive and highly relevant search results. For their search scenarios, DATEV needed excellent support of German linguistics. The AI-based linguistics plugin
was customized to meet DATEV’s requirements and is subject to continuous qualitative enhancements.