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Search Solution for the Audi PartnerNet

AUDI AG replaced its existing search function on the Audi PartnerNet dealer portal with iFinder. An independent market research institute confirmed that dealers were highly satisfied with the portal and specifically called the search functionalities excellent.

"IntraFind stands for high-quality technological products and reliability and has also a good understanding of what customers need."

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Provision of a complete hit list with high quality results while taking complex authorization structures into account


The Challenge

Audi PartnerNet, which includes more than 10,000 documents, is AUDI AG‘s personalized distributor information portal and is used for communication throughout Germany between the manufacturer Audi and its distributors.
Audi‘s wish to optimize the quality of search results was crucial for replacing the old APN search engine. With the old solution search results would often not match.

Outdated or less relevant matches were ranked high, while the latest relevant information was not available on the first page of result list.

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Our Solution

An important requirement of Audi was the consideration of the complex user rights concept which is the basis of Audi PartnerNet. Thus, for example, users may never be offered suggestions for search terms in the autocompletion

nor should they be shown matches for which they have no access authorization. The controls of access rights also extend to search filters which are displayed to the user for an intuitive limitation of his search query.

All filters show only content that the logged-on user is authorized to use. The filter content is presented here with the correct number of matches. This helps the user to use the search-related filters relevant to him.

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Enterprise Search at it's best

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