PeopleStrategy: Relevant work information quickly to hand

Many people believe that enterprise search software is only suitable for large companies. The fact that medium-sized companies can also benefit considerably from intelligent search is demonstrated by the example of the HR service provider PeopleStrategy. The company now not only uses the iFinder software from search specialist IntraFind for searching in Confluence, but is also increasingly connecting other data sources.
“IntraFind empowers our colleagues to find the information they need faster and more efficiently, which allows them to work more efficiently. IntraFind was chosen because it provides enterprise-class search capabilities for a reasonable cost.”

Steven Payne

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, People Strategy

Enable employees to quickly access work-related information

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Project Overview

Industry: HR software and services

Challenge: To make knowledge in Confluence and Fileshares accessible quickly and effectively

Solution: iFinder Confluence Search software, which can connect further data sources and applications to the search in addition to Confluence

Users: About 150 employees


The Challenge

At PeopleStrategy, Confluence serves as the central source of company information and is a valuable and essential knowledge database for employees.

As the database grew, Confluence users found it increasingly difficult to quickly and accurately find the right content via search. Employees spent more and more working time searching for relevant information and were still sometimes unable to find what they were looking for. In addition, Confluence is one of the company’s most-used and fastest-growing systems, further exacerbating the search problem.
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The Solution

IntraFind initially supported the company with a proof-of-concept installation of iFinder Confluence Search. Soon after, PeopleStrategy deployed the software productively and it was immediately activated for all employees. Thanks to the intuitive search interface and the seamless integration into Confluence, the employees could work productively with it immediately, even without training. PeopleStrategy was thrilled with the scope of services of iFinder Confluence Search – especially since the system can be expanded and additional applications and data sources can be integrated into the central search. With the iFinder search in Confluence already having brought great benefits to the company, about one year later it added several important company Fileshares.