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Regional Pension Insurance Providers Improve Their Data Finding Capability

The regional pension insurance providers for Deutsche Rentenversicherung in Westphalia, northern Germany, Rhineland, central Germany, and Brunswick-Hanover introduced the IntraFind enterprise search solution, iFinder, in mid-2019. The search application is provided by their IT service provider NOW IT.
“Our main reason for choosing the iFinder was the many different features. Plus, IntraFind already had extensive experience implementing large-scale projects.”

Matthias Schöppe

Project Manager
NOW IT (Deutsche Rentenversicherung, Nord Ost West Informationstechnik)

Central Search with High Security Requirements

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Project Overview

Industry: public sector

Challenge: comprehensive search for six clients (five pension insurance providers plus NOW IT GmbH) with secure search consideration of individual user rights

Solution: iFinder

Users: 16,500 employees

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The Challenge: Lots of Data Sources and High Security Requirements

No matter how high the benefits assessment or how long the period of entitlement, every insured person can obtain answers to their questions about their pension from the corresponding advice centers of Deutsche Rentenversicherung. To be able to process applications, the employees there need information and documents stored in different systems or data sources. These sources include the file system, the intranet, Lotus Notes databases, and other database applications, as well as IBM Connections.


Our Solution

The employees of Deutsche Rentenversicherung can easily access the current documents, information, and legal regulations in different data sources using iFinder as a central search platform, and process applications more quickly as a result.

The enterprise search application meets the high security requirements of the agency and is also accessible to use.


Enterprise Search at it's best: iFinder

Enterprise Search at it's best

Using iFinder

Whether you use it to search the intranet, in knowledge management processes, or in creating a well-functioning digital workplace, enterprise search has many aspects and the requirements in this area are multifaceted. Learn more about our enterprise search software and discover how you can get the most out of your company data.

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