Prevention forum+ Knowledge Platform on Accident Prevention and Occupational Safety

On behalf of prevention forum+, a cooperation of several international accident insurers, BG BAU carried out a relaunch of the website “prevention forum+” – significantly improving the existing modern knowledge portal for occupational health and safety. The iFinder search solution is a key technological component of the platform.
“Thanks to the iFinder search, we were able to meet all the requirements of a modern knowledge portal: An easy-to-use platform that delivers fast, up-to-date results with quality-controlled content – it’s a fun way to conduct research!”

Michael Kirsch

Deputy general manager of BG BAU

Information on accident prevention and occupational health and safety easy to find

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Project Overview

Industry: Public sector

Challenge: Providing a state-of-the-art knowledge portal with fast, user-friendly, and accessible real-time search across more than 190 websites and connected databases

Solution: AI-based search software iFinder using a web crawler

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The Challenge

Occupational health and safety is a top priority for the German Social Accident Insurance association (abbreviated DGUV in German). In order to create a modern and up-to-date knowledge platform containing all relevant information on this topic, DGUV initiated a project to relaunch the existing website “prevention forum+.”

The aim of the entire project was to pool content from international websites and databases in a central location with assured quality and enable users to find the information they need quickly and reliably with the help of an AI-driven search engine. The partners engaged the German employers’ liability insurance association for the construction industry (abbreviated BG BAU in German) to carry out the project.

The Solution

The iFinder search solution from IntraFind was a key technology component in the relaunch of “prevention forum+.” Around 190 websites, as well as various internal databases and specialized information sources in the fields of environment, hazardous substances, and health prevention were linked to it. An editorial system for creating and maintaining additional information is also linked to it. Databases, specialized information sources, and additional editorial content were indexed using special connectors and IntraFind’s web crawler.

The accessible version of iFinder enabled BG BAU to design the platform in accordance with the current provisions of Germany’s Federal Disability Equality Act (abbreviated BGG in German).