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BGE: Centralized Access to Knowledge for All Employees

Efficient knowledge management is of vital importance to BGE, Germany’s federal company for radioactive waste disposal. The government-owned company under the purview of the Federal Ministry for the Environment wants to ensure that employees can quickly and effortlessly perform digital searches of the extensive knowledge available from a variety of data sources. For this purpose, BGE uses the iFinder search and text analysis software from search specialist IntraFind.
„The iFinder software’s performance is what won us over. IntraFind also impressed us with its resource-friendly hardware requirements and offered the best value proposition overall.“

Dr. Sebastian Wanka

Research Associate / Project Manager BGE
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Faster Searches with AI-based Search Solution

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Project Overview

Industry: Public sector

The Challenge: Provision of a state-of-the art knowledge management solution to make required knowledge quickly and easily accessible to employees

The Solution: Search and analysis software iFinder as the cornerstone of a holistic knowledge management system

Users: Approximately 2,000 employees


The Challenge

BGE holds a wealth of information in the form of scientific and technical reports that contain knowledge that is indispensable for its employees’ work. Up until now, however, it was impossible to search for this data using a single approach, as it was stored in different data repositories. The company also wanted to digitize older documents, some of which were only available in paper form in the archives.

The goal of the project was to preserve knowledge and make it digitally accessible so that employees can use it as the basis for answering important current and forwardlooking questions, such as those related to building, operating, or closing a radioactive waste repository. In this context, the company wanted to make it easy to search not only internal but also publicly accessible knowledge sources, such as national and international websites and online library catalogs, from a central access point.
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The Solution

To facilitate efficient knowledge management and reduce research times, BGE now leverages IntraFind’s iFinder software as an intelligent search and text analysis tool. IntraFind deployed the software on BGE‘s in-house server environment and made the relevant data sources available via interfaces known as connectors. The search specialist has made all of the data searchable and enriched and classified it with further metadata using artificial intelligence. Thus, the search process has been optimized for BGE-specific terms – the software recognizes proper names, such as individuals, institutions, or locations, specialized topics, or even specific abbreviations and extended synonyms.

In addition, it was important to establish a standard for naming documents. This means, for example, that a document from 1908 will also be recognized as such, even if it wasn’t digitized until 2021.