IntraFind as a Strong Performer in Forrester Wave Report for Cognitive Search

The analysts at Forrester have classified IntraFind in their report "The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q3 2021" as a „Strong Performer“. This is the first time that IntraFind is listed in this report.

In its report Forrester writes, among other things: “IntraFind focuses on insights and answers that lead to better decisions. IntraFind’s iFinder aims to allow enterprise customers to “access knowledge from all data silos” with 80 data connectors that support more than 600 file types. […] IntraFind builds its comprehensive capabilities on top of open source Elasticsearch, so it benefits from ongoing innovation in the community.”
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Forrester Wave Report for Cognitive Search

Forrester's analysis evaluates the market for cognitive search software and rates 13 companies on the categories of current offering, strategy, and market presence. In this report the authors further write about IntraFind:

“Its sweet spot is for enterprises that need to handle any workplace knowledge search use case that can start small but scale practically unbounded. IntraFind also offers Document Intelligence which can analyze incoming documents, including contracts, to automate document processing. IntraFind has the opportunity to improve search results by leveraging current and emerging deep learning techniques to extract passages from documents.”

The full report is available via subscription or for purchase at Forrester's Website.

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* Forrester Research, Inc., "The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search, Q3 2021" by Mike Gualtieri, published July 12, 2021.