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Hybrid work? No thanks! Or better yet?

Many companies still reject hybrid working. Are they missing opportunities here? Does hybrid working bring benefits for companies or not? A commentary by IntraFind CEO Franz Kögl.

Medium-sized businesses also struggle with information overload

A centralized company search is only for corporations and large authorities? No, says IntraFind and explains why SMEs and local governments can also benefit from it.

The AI finds the right V-belt

Technical support staff deal with demanding customers and complex information. IntraFind shows how they can use enterprise search to solve their customers' problems quickly and accurately.

Information silos are annoying

Employees, whether in the home office or in the office, rightfully expect a trouble-free IT that doesn't disrupt their workflows. This includes fast and targeted access to information. However, many companies still lack in this area. Remedy can come from an unexpected corner.

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