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Efficient Search in NetApp Data Storage Solutions

To search billions of documents effectively and in real time – a number commonly managed in NetApp storage solutions – requires extremely powerful tools. When existing solutions are not enough, IT departments need to find new ways.

Word Embeddings: a technology still relevant?

ChatGPT, transformer models and their impressive capabilities are the dominant tech topic in the media right now. Does it still make sense to use "older" AI technologies? Christoph Goller, Head of Research at search-specialist IntraFind, took a closer look.

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Career paths at IntraFind – Why Manuel Brunner is a search rock star and just can't get enough of search projects

ChatGPT: The Future of Search?

ChatGPT is currently the talk of the town. Dr. Christoph Goller, Head of Research at search specialist IntraFind, has tried out ChatGPT and thought about its effects on search engines.

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