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Looking for a powerful search solution for your website that your visitors can use to quickly find exactly what they're looking for? A solution that you can integrate into your existing website quickly and easily?

Your Benefits with Site Search

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Easy installation and operation

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Real-time search results

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Gain insight into what exactly your visitors are looking for

Site Search – the Most Important Features at a Glance


Search Features

  • Intelligent search
    Precise autocomplete and similarity search for an excellent search experience.
  • Strong performance
    Whether your site has 20 pages or two million, whether 10 searches or 100,000 are performed each day – Site Search always delivers fast, highly relevant results for your users.
  • Multilingual compatibility
    Our software supports more than 30 languages and is therefore well equipped for multilingual websites.
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Setup and Security

  • Customizable
    Adapt the design of the search field and the hit list to the design of your website with ease.
  • Easy setup
    You do not need any special infrastructure or technical knowledge to install our Site Search.
  • Maximum security
    Our Site Search solution is hosted in a data center in Germany in compliance with German data protection regulations (GDPR-compliant).

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