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Accessible search requires these seven features

Accessible websites and search functions are already mandatory for public authorities - private companies should therefore follow suit as soon as possible. But many operators don't even know exactly how they can help people with impairments. Enterprise search specialist IntraFind has identified seven functions that an accessible search must offer.

These three trends will shape the AI year 2022

Until now, artificial intelligence and machine learning were only a distant vision of the future for many companies. But in 2022, the democratization of these technologies will move forward, predicts enterprise search and AI specialist IntraFind.

Rudolf Haggenmüller takes over Supervisory Board seat at IntraFind

Enterprise search specialist IntraFind has a new Supervisory Board member. With his election Prof. Dr. Rudolf Haggenmüller replaces Werner Brodt, who is retiring from his mandate due to his age.

What companies should consider when introducing an enterprise search solution

Search specialist IntraFind explains eight central success factors for the implementation of a company-wide search.

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