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Essential Features of the Digital Workplace

When talking about the digital workplace, images of a futuristic office with holographic screens appear before the inner eye. In the real word, the digital workplace is much simpler though no less efficient. Search specialist IntraFind explains exactly what distinguishes the Digital Workplace.

How a better search engine increases range and helps to monetize digital content more efficiently

As the Internet is the first point of contact for information and product research, operators of websites and content portals have developed new revenue models in which retention time and access rate play a crucial role. Search specialist IntraFind shows how these companies are improving search quality and traffic on their websites.

E.ON uses Enterprise Search solution from IntraFind

The energy supplier E.ON has opted for iFinder5 elastic to take customer service knowledge management to a new level of quality.

Liebherr Service opts for IntraFind’s iFinder5

Liebherr-Hausgeräte Ochsenhausen GmbH employs IntraFind’s iFinder5 elastic as Enterprise Search solution. The software makes it possible to quickly provide the relevant knowledge in the event of service and to be able to react in a customer-oriented manner.

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