Ready to Use Enterprise Search Solutions for NetApp Customers

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Ready to Use Enterprise Search Solutions for NetApp Customers

IntraFind offers NetApp customers as the first provider worldwide a ready to use Enterprise Search Solution for NetApp Fileservices.

As the first enterprise search provider worldwide, NetApp Alliance Partner IntraFind offers with the iFinder5 elastic a NetApp-certified solution for intelligent full-text search in NetApp file services. NetApp storage solutions store large amounts of data in file systems. With the iFinder5 elastic, users can search documents in their file systems quicker, both full-text and related metadata. The advantages: The user no longer has to use the time-consuming, slow and resource-intensive explorer search and finds the desired information in split seconds.

One of the central aspects for application in a company is the consideration of authorizations. Thanks to Secure Search, users can only access the documents they are authorized to access.

The IntraFind NetApp connector, in combination with the fpolicy interface, processes large amounts of data quickly and securely. If a new document is created, deleted, changed, or authorization is changed, this change is processed directly and almost without a time lag in the iFinder. An elaborate crawling is not necessary for this. This way, the information and authorizations are always up-to-date and the search results always reflect the current status in real-time.

Thanks to numerous connectors, such as Microsoft Exchange, Confluence, Microsoft SharePoint, ERP or CRM systems, the iFinder can also be easily converted into a company-wide search solution. The iFinder5 elastic thus forms the central information and knowledge repository of a company.

The iFinder – tailored to the quality requirements of a customer – offers all the usual features for a professional, market-leading search solution such as faceting and filtering, preview with hit highlighting, intelligent autocomplete with typing error correction and the full range of a Boolean search. In addition, the iFinder stands out through numerous expandabilities such as semantic search and proper noun recognition. Thanks to excellent linguistics combined with deep learning, the iFinder can be expanded to an insight engine that can process natural-language (NLP) search queries.

Ready to Use Solution for NetApp Customers

IntraFind provides NetApp customers with the iFinder5 elastic a ready to use product based on Elasticsearch with an intuitive user interface. The software package is available either as license or subscription. Users get a flexible search solution that can either be used as a standalone solution for NetApp file services or extended to a comprehensive enterprise search solution.

The iFinder can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. The application is easily scalable: if the data grows, the iFinder5 elastic grows with it. The enterprise search solution is therefore suitable for small companies as well as large corporations.

IntraFind provides a test package that allows you to quickly and easily test the search solution with your own documents.