Search for NetApp Fileservices

Save time, save costs - let us do the search for information.

NetApp creates innovative storage solutions that support customers in all industries to manage, store and protect data. Many of these customers have large amounts of data and information stored on NetApp file systems. IntraFind offers these companies an intelligent enterprise search solution that allows them a right-checked search in their databases.

IT administrators benefit from a seamless integration into their existing IT infrastructure, from a simple management and high scalability. Business users or departments benefit from a real-time search in current data files and our intelligent solution that shows relevant and thematically related information. Until now, indexing data from NetApp File Services was a challenge for numerous well-known enterprise search vendors. IntraFind solved this problem – with ultra-fast indexing by connecting NetApp Data ONTAP.

Our offer for NetApp customers

Inquire our search solution for your NetApp File Services and get the perfect starter package consisting of:

  • The search solution iFinder5 elastic
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Admin dashboard
  • NetApp ONTAP connector
  • Proof of concept incl. test installation package

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Our search solution iFinder5 elastic grows with your data files, is highly scalable and fail-safe
  • The almost synchronous correspondence between NetApp data and the search engine enables real-time search in current databases
  • Easy implementation and easy to use administration interface
  • Security is a top priority at IntraFind – Secure Search, only authorized documents are displayed
iFinder5 elastic with NetApp Fileservices

Our Customers say:

“Due to its sophisticated search functionalities the iFinder5 elastic is well accepted among all employees. The integration of the new SOA-based search solution in our portal was simple as well as time- and cost-efficient.”  

Stephan Wolter, CIO IHK Berlin