IntraFind replaces GSA at Anthem

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IntraFind replaces GSA at Anthem

With iFinder5 elastic, IntraFind Inc. has replaced the old Google Search Appliance (GSA) at the US health insurance company Anthem.

Anthem is a US health insurance company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Around 80 million customers are insured with Anthem. The company employs about 53,000 people.

Insurance customers can use the Anthem website to search for specific physicians or find out about various insurance policies and health programs.

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) served as a search function. The GSA was not only used on the website, but also in the internal employee portal.

GSA replacement with iFinder5 elastic

IntraFind Inc., a specialist in the field of Enterprise Search and Natural Language Processing (NLP), has already had around 20 years of well-founded experience in the professional implementation of Enterprise Search projects and has already replaced the GSA or other “outdated” search products in many companies – for example on the corporate websites of BMW or Siemens.

Customers can search the Anthem website as usual using the search function – iFinder5 elastic is now behind it.

In the intranet, Anthem employees frequently use the search function to search for articles or persons. With iFinder5 elastic, users now benefit in particular from the person search, as the hits clearly contain all necessary information such as location, telephone number or e-mail address of the colleague. A further advantage of the iFinder5 elastic is that individual search profiles ensure that documents or data sources that are particularly important for certain user groups appear at the top of the hit list.

The employee portal is an essential collaboration tool and information portal for Anthem employees. Recently, it even received the Nielson Norman Group’s Intranet Design Award 2019.

“We are delighted to have won Anthem, another major US customer, and to be able to impress employees on the intranet and users of the website with a significantly improved search function,” says Franz Kögl, President of IntraFind Inc.

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