Features and Functions

The professional Insight Engine for your company, empowering you to take the right decisions - at any time.

iFinder5 elastic is the professional insight engine for your enterprise, empowering you to take the right decisions at any time. The search solution is based on Elasticsearch, the world’s most widely used index and search kernel. iFinder5 elastic provides a comprehensive full-text search in structured and unstructured data. Moreover, thanks to content analytics and the integration of deep-learning methodologies, the insight engine offers the possibility to detect relationships between the located information.

Whether in the office or in the field, iFinder5 elastic is with you on your PC, a browser-based user interface or via the App from your smart phone.



iFinder5 elastic is:




„Who is working in Denver?“ Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), iFinder5 elastic is able to comprehend search queries in complete interrogative sentences.




iFinder5 elastic supports hundreds of connectors and can be linked to numerous applications, such as ERP systems, email programs or cloud applications. Moreover, iFinder5 elastic supports more than 600 file formats. The preview functionality enables users to view all documents without needing the original application on the desktop or mobile.




The insight engine automatically corrects typing errors and provides did-you-mean (DYM) alternatives. The Auto-Complete function also provides contextual suggestions which users can select directly and immediately receive a new hitlist. The Search-While-You-Type function instantly starts showing matching documents in the search window as users are entering their search. What is more, the system adjusts the relevance within the hitlist by use. For instance, results from previous searches carried out by colleagues within the department will rank higher in the hitlist. iFinder5 elastic learns autonomously: the higher the search frequency the higher the influence on relevance.


Users profit from:


Personalized Dashboards:
The widget-based user interface allows users to configure their own dashlets with quick and easy access. For instance, users could create their own dashlet for person searches and use it as their personal telephone book or store search queries and search results as favorites.


Linguistics / Cross-lingual Search:
iFinder5 elastic recognizes multi-word compounds such as lawsuit or tripeptides and all inflected forms of words and is able to relate terms to their basic forms in 33 languages, no matter whether users are searching for “Buch” or “Bücher” or “go” and “went”. Search terms can also be translated automatically into their matching terms in other languages.


Semantic Search:
Terms topically matching the search can be displayed in a word cloud or histogram.


Semantic Modeler:
Can be used to show relationships between entities, for instance with hierarchical facets: Ms. Smith is the superior of Mr. Miller who works in department B of enterprise C.



Administrators profit from:


No matter whether you are dealing with 100.000 or 1 million documents – iFinder5 elastic is highly scalable and grows with the data pool of your company.


Secure Search:
The hitlist exclusively shows auto-complete suggestions and documents to which the user has access rights. iFinder5 elastic can also be rolled out across multiple clients (for instance companies within a corporation). This ensures that users from different departments are only shown documents in the hitlist for which they are authorized.


Elastic Node Support:
We offer a complete turn-key product with iFinder5 elastic and also provide Elastic Node support, if desired.

INTRAFIND Search User Interfaces
iFinder5 elastic

iFinder5 elastic standard package

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Preview for more than 600 file formats
  • Thesaurus: extension of search queries based on whitelists, blacklists, thesauri and knowledge maps
  • Template Concept: configurable display of individual hits
  • Duplicate Check
  • Auto-Complete
  • People Search
  • Language Recognition
  • Admin UI
  • Rights and Roles Concept, Secure Search
Screenshot iFinder

Optional modules:

  • Linguistics
  • Cross-Lingual Search
  • Semantic Search
  • Knowledge Map: dashlet-based display of facets
  • Semantic Models
  • Tagging Service: Meta data from documents generated during index creation (for instance author, date, title) are later displayed in the hitlist for viewing. Meta data are also used as filter elements.
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Our customers say:

“Due to its sophisticated search functionalities the iFinder5 elastic is well accepted among all employees. The integration of the new SOA-based search solution in our portal was simple as well as time- and cost-efficient.”

Stephan Wolter, CIO IHK Berlin

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