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Presentations, reports, product information and emails – a huge amount of data is stored on company file shares every day.


With a professional enterprise search solution, employees can efficiently access a constantly growing pool of data and documents. A professional search engine can guide employees quickly to the relevant information in their everyday work.

Does implementing an Enterprise Search project take a lot of time, planning and effort? Not necessarily. We offer customers who want to start quick and lean a special Enterprise Search Starter Package.

The IntraFind Enterprise Search Starter Package:

  • Installation and setup of our Enterprise Search software iFinder5 elastic
  • Connection of your file share
  • Indexing of up to 50,000 documents*
  • Instruction and training of your administrators (Online)

*Upgrades to larger document volumes are available on request.


The whole process from offer to your first search with our iFinder5 elastic can be implemented in only a couple of days.

Contact us and get your offer for our Enterprise Search Starter Package today!


“Due to its sophisticated search functionalities the iFinder5 elastic is well accepted among all employees. The integration of the new SOA-based search solution in our portal was simple as well as time- and cost-efficient.”  

Stephan Wolter, CIO IHK Berlin

Enterprise Search Starter Package

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