You don‘t want to follow Google into the Cloud? You don’t have to

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You don‘t want to follow Google into the Cloud? You don’t have to

If you need to extend GSA in your company or you want to switch to a future-proof and stable solution, read the following blog post.

Many customers have invested in GSA because of the brand name Google – and not because an appliance was required. From the perspective of Google, the situation has developed as follows: With discontinuing GSA, the last remaining non-cloud solution is removed from the portfolio. A further development of the product or the support will probably only be done half-heartedly in the future.

GSA was primarily used to search on websites, in online shops and intranets – an environment in which a right-checked search is often not necessarily required

If you want to replace your existing solution, IntraFind offers a modern alternative with the iFinder as virtual appliance. Installation and configuration do not take more time, the administration is straightforward and time-saving and an existing content feed architecture for the data delivery to GSA can be maintained. This is what we guarantee.

We as a German company stand for data security and protection. The iFinder does not transmit sensitive data to the vendor and also provides significantly more search functionalities than GSA. We as a German company provide the best results at the top of the hit list, because we have invested a lot in our development to handle especially German-language documents optimally. This also applies to 32 additional major business languages.

We do not force our customers not to go into the cloud. The iFinder can be operated in your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud. We adapt to you – and not vice versa: You do not have to act in accordance with the requirements of the vendor.

Unlimited scalability, load balancing and real-time indexing guarantee that the iFinder can always grow with your needs. We use Elasticsearch as the basis of our advanced search and index solution.

A combination of hardware and software does not automatically make a modern search. Search must be safe, search must be easy to administer – more than 1000 iFinder customers rely on that for many years already. But search also has to be attractive.

With our autocomplete combined with semantic technologies and an understanding for the complexity of the German language, we inspire our customers with integrated typo correction and reasonable extension proposals. With this we provide the context of a query from the document contents and thus help to quickly find the one searched document or assist with exploring unknown content. In addition, all the information is right-checked in the context of the logged in user. When searching in shops for example, all set filters are applied to autocomplete as well.

As you can see: all in all a real and cheaper alternative to your GSA!