Benefits at a Glance

Everyone can benefit. From single users to whole teams.
Research and Development

Research and Development


  • Valuable information can be found enterprise-wide and distributed in a variety of systems. By linking multiple data sources to iFinder5 elastic, engineers from research and development have access to large data sets. The discovery of historical information is now an accompanying research process – simple, comprehensive and complete. “Don’t reinvent the wheel again and again.”


  • As an integral part of iFinder5 elastic knowledge workers will find a so-called Knowledge Map on the interface that supports complex search queries. Metadata – elaborated from the information resources – provide dynamic filters in the knowledge map. Intuitively, knowledge workers can link multiple filters, for example, products with responsible persons, and quickly narrow down the results.
Service and Support

Service and Support


  • Facilitate quick access to solutions for your customers and employees. With just a few clicks your support staff can investigate a situation, evaluate it and provide solutions. With iFinder5 elastic you will save valuable time and resources and even increase productivity.


  • IntraFind provides connectors to all common ticketing systems.







Web Development

Web Development


  • With the iFinder5 elastic integrated into your website, users will quickly be able to navigate without any difficulties. Even the entry of individual characters in the search triggers a high-performance auto-completion.


  • Fuzzy search, misspellings tolerance, synonym suggestions and highlighting – just a few advantages, which are included in our autocomplete function to quickly bring your customers to the desired goal.


  • The hit list of the iFinder5 elastic displays the products or information most relevant to the user at the top of the hit list.


  • You want to advertise products already actively in the searches? No problem! We can draw attention to your most important products already in autocomplete or in the hit list.






Enterprise Search



  • The search solution iFinder5 elastic respects access rights (Secure Search). The access rights check is carried out for all documents in the hit list, the auto-completion and for all information on the search interface.


  • High scalability and load balancing allow real time indexing and reliability, rapid load distribution and thus a quick search in large databases – Big Data Analytics.


  • The iFinder is operating system independent and can be operated on a dedicated server as well as in a virtual environment.


  • Our solution is highly scalable, it grows with the needs of your business and can be expanded by the number of documents or data sources.


  • The iFinder doesn’t “phone” home – we respect data and IT security.


  • You virtually have no administrative effort